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Friday, 25 May 2012 02:23

Thank you for adopting your cat/kitten from the Parma Animal Shelter!


•Keep all medicines,cleaning products and rodent or insect traps out of cats reach.
•Close toilet lids and screen fireplaces.
•Make sure all windows have screens.
•Close appliance doors (washers,dryers etc.). Cats love warm places to nap.
•Keep all outside doors closed.
•Clean up easily swallowed items (marbles, small toy parts etc.)


 Keep cats in a carrier when in the car.  Cats can panic and be a hazard while you are driving.

•Bring home to a small quiet room. Set up food, water and litter, using care not to put food too close to litter.  Let cat exit on its
own to explore the room.

•Leave in the “safe” room for a few days. Allowing access to the entire house can be overwhelming.  How long to leave the cat in
this room depends on the cat.  Some adjust to new surroundings more slowly than others.  Let your cat set the pace.

•Spend plenty of time in the room with your cat and give lots of attention but don’t force it.  Your cat may want to hide at first. THIS IS NORMAL.
•After a few days, allow your cat supervised visits to other areas of the house.

•Feed your cat a name brand dry cat food. Cats are grazers and should always have food available. Change water daily. Moist
food is not necessary but can be used as a treat. Do not give your cat people food or milk.
•Cats are clean animals and require a clean litter box.  Scoop box daily and change once a week. Box should be in a secluded area
as cats value their privacy.

•Cats like to groom but sometimes they need help. Start  short sessions and always allow your cat to leave if showing signs of
stress.  You want them to remember this as a pleasant experience. Long hair cats need to be brushed daily/short hair cats once a
week.  Bathing is rarely necessary.

•While petting your cat, use the opportunity to examine for cuts, rashes, lumps, etc. Observation is key to catching illness or problems early.

•Cats need guidance in what is allowed in your house, such as scratching a cat post and not the furniture or staying off counters
and table tops.

NEVER HIT OR YELL AT A CAT. Rather, use “remote discipline”. Shake a can of coins to startle them during inappropriate
behavior; but don’t let them see you do this!
•Redirect them to a scratching post and they will use that instead of your furniture.
•Provide your cat with an interesting INDOOR environment. Use simple toys like ping-pong balls and paper bags.  Cats love
to perch by a window
•Keep your cat indoors.  They have no need to be outside as they have been domesticated for almost 4,000 years.  Outdoor cats face diseases, animal attacks, abuse from people, and traffic situations.

•PLAY AGGRESSION:  Cats/kittens often become aggressive during play.  If they bite, yelp like you have been hurt and stop all play
for a few minutes.  If your cat was in your lap, put it down and walk away for a few minutes.

•Kittens need plenty of play time to develop coordination and good habits. Entice your kitten to play; make it run, leap and pounce.
•It is not advised to use your hands when playing as this teaches them to use you as a toy by biting and scratching.
•SUPERVISE children closely around your kitten.  Teach them to pet gently.  Kittens are fragile so teach them to avoid fur,ear or whisker pulling.
•Kittens should always be supervised.  If left alone in your house they may develop unwanted toilet habits or get injured while
exploring.  Confine them to a small room or large dog crate if you have to leave them alone for any period of time.
•If your kitten has an accident outside the box,DO NOT PUNISH, just clean it up.  If they are eliminating in front of you, make a sudden loud noise, then place them gently in their box.
Kittens learn nothing by punishing methods (swatting them, rubbing their nose in it) except fear of you, and that may make a problem worse.
Don’t use scoopable kitty litter until your kitten
is 6 months old.

•Do not expect the old cat to share his litter
box.  You will need to add one for the new cat.
•Both cats should have no face-to-face contact
for the first week.  Isolate new cat in a “safe
room”.  Hissing and spitting is NORMAL.
•fee both cats near the door, if the cats are too
upset, move the bowls further away.
•Switch blankets between cats so they can
become accustomed to each others scent. 
•After a few days confine the resident cat and allow the new cat to explore the rest of the house.
•For a few weeks do not leave cats alone together. Continue to separate when you are not home.
•For the first face-to-face meeting, put the new cat in a carrier and allow the resident cat to enter the room.  If there is hissing you may need to repeat this step several times.  If no outward signs
of aggression, let the new cat out meet the resident cat.

•Potential problems could develop (soiling, aggression etc).  Dogs are routine oriented.  Any disruption is stressful.
•Move the cat into a “safe room”; close the door.  Visit the cat discretely over the next two weeks.
•Dote on the dog, he needs to know he’s not losing his status with you.
•Feed both animals on either side of the closed door, moving food further away if any signs of stress.
•After a few days, let the cat have free roam of the house while confining the dog, allowing the animals to experience each other’s scent.
•Introduce gradually so neither becomes afraid or aggressive.
•You may want to keep your dog on a leash during the first “meeting”.
•Keep them separate while you are not home until you are sure they will both be safe.
•Don’t force the animals to get along, this process may take 6-8 weeks.
Parma Animal Shelter's Sponsor A Cage Program

Did you know that you could sponsor a cage for a rescued dog or
cat for a three-month period for only $35.00? This is a great way to help your local shelter care for the homeless, abandoned, abused or hungry animals in your community. All funds will go into our operation budget which helps pay for food, supplies, medication and other health care needs. A sign with your name will hang on the cage that you are sponsoring for the time you have chosen. You will also receive a post card with a cat, kitten, puppy or dog
that is currently residing at our shelter. Please contact the shelter to inquire about an animal that may need this kind of support or you can download a sponsorship form from our website:
Questions? email Carol Wessel at:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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