Core Values


We appreciate all animals, our volunteers, and the community.

We work to place our shelter animal in loving forever homes.

We work to treat our shelter animals, especially those who may exhibit behavior or medical issues.

We work to provide a safe place for shelter animals and give them food and water, love, and medical care.

We spay and neuter all animals that come into the shelter in an effort to reduce the pet population and number of abandoned animals

We work to educate the public about what the Parma Animal Shelter, a 501(c)(3) organization, does. We also educate about the humane treatment of animals, the importance of spay and neuter, and much more.


Catch a glimpse inside! Here’s a walk-thru view of the Parma Animal Shelter.

Movie Director Dog
The Parma Animal Shelter, a 501(c)(3) organization, is now taking reservations for tours of our facility. Come spend time with the homeless dogs and cats and see the daily care that is given to our guests. Our tours are educational and fun and we gladly accept groups of all kinds. The tours are free, but donations are always welcomed. Please e-mail: ParmaShelterTours@gmail.com with any questions or call 440-885-8014 during shelter business hours to leave a message and gain further information.


The Parma Animal Shelter Board of Trustees would like to recognize volunteers for their accomplishment of going above and beyond the mission of our shelter. Work to prevent animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Educate the public on the importance of spaying/neutering to control pet overpopulation. Increase public awareness and appreciation of companion animals. Assist in providing a stress-free, healthy environment for lost, abandoned, neglected and stray animals. Provide emergency and wellness medical care for the PAS adoptable animals. – Commitment to energy efficiency, waste reduction – Volunteer for an extra shift – Always there to help – Kind, compassionate, gracious, and always giving to others – When things are tough, they’re smiling – When things are great, they’re grinning even bigger – Brings a smile every time he or she arrives, sharing it freely with everyone – Volunteer who can always fix what’s gone wrong – Creative solutions, rapid action, and remedying any situation – Always comes through in a pinch – – Ongoing service – a kind of lifetime achievement award – Enthusiasm for teaching other volunteers or public in support of mission – The sky is the limit Our August winner is Nancy Jones

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