If you are interested in Volunteering, for an Adult (18 or older) volunteer application, you can submit an Adult Volunteer application (18 and older).  We are not taking Junior Volunteer applications (ages 15-17) at this time.

In-shelter morning shifts are any 2 hours between 8:00 am – noon and afternoon shifts are any 2 hours between 4:00 – 7:00 pm.

Current opportunities:
Dog Walkers Friday morning 9:30 to 12 noon
Dog Walkers Saturday evening 5:00 to 7:00 pm
Dog Walkers Monday morning 7:30 to 9:30 and 9:30 to 11:30 am

Cat Caregivers Tuesday mornings 10-12 noon
Cat Caregivers Saturday evenings 5-7 pm

Laundry Room Friday Evenings 5-7 pm
Laundry Room Friday Mornings 10-12 noon
Laundry Room Tuesday Evenings 5-7 pm

Cat Health & Welfare

Foster Homes are needed.  Please contact us at catadoptions@parmashelter.org.

If you have been thinking about opening your home or a spare bedroom, the Parma Animal Shelter is looking for foster homes for kitten season!

The shelter provides all medical care as well as food and litter. All you do is bring the kittens to the shelter for their regular checkups (we work with veterinarians and their vet techs) and to replenish food and litter.

Our foster moms and dads find it rewarding to foster kittens. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to let them go. But know that you raised your kittens to be the best they can be so they can grow up to be outstanding cats.

Please contact us at catadoptions@parmashelter.org for more information about the Parma Animal Shelter’s Kitten Foster Program and how you can become a Foster Mom or Dad.

Cat Care Specialist

We are looking for cat lovers for a weekly commitment. Duties include feeding and care of cats and kittens, cleaning cages, litter box maintenance, assist with laundry, general clean-up of Main Cat Room. Once primary care is done, petting, playing, brushing of the cats and kittens is encouraged.

Patient with cats and kittens, able to follow policies and procedures, work as a team.

Cat Transport to APL – on Friday morning pick up from the Parma Animal Shelter and drive to the APL and/or in the afternoon bring back to the Parma Animal Shelter after their spay/neuter from the APL.

Dog Care Specialist

We are looking for dog lovers for a weekly commitment. Dog obedience using the techniques taught by a professional dog trainer. Dog walking, kennel maintenance, and general shelter duties. Once primary care is done, dogs can be brushed and/or can enjoy playing in the dog runs or using the agility course.

Must be able to handle large, strong dogs, able to follow specific guidelines on dealing with shelter dogs, handle all kinds of dogs, with infinite patience, kindness and affection.


Parma Animal Shelter hosts many events each year to raise operational funds. These include bake sales, bowling events, dinners, garage sales and an annual dog swim. Many hands are needed to make them a success. Planning events, soliciting donations for raffle baskets, manning a booth for the shelter, helping promote events are some of the ways volunteers can help support the shelter.

Ability to work as a team setting up events, schedule staffing for events such as March Muttness, Summer Fair, Bake Sales, etc.


Greet the public, answer the phone, filing, filling out forms for new animals, lost and found reports, tours. Reconciling lost and found reports, other clerical duties as needed and doing laundry. Ability to use a computer and enter data into animal management software program Petpoint.

Pleasant manner, cheerful, good public relations skills, organizational skills, ability to work as a team and follow policies and procedures. Basic computer skills.

Laundry Specialist

Work weekly helping to launder animal blankets and cleaning towels, folding and putting laundry away in proper areas.

Newsletter Committee

Write articles promoting the adoption of our dogs and cats and fundraising events.

Able to work with others to solicit informational topics for newsletter.

Internet Publicity

To post our shelter information regarding events and fundraisers, advertising our home page address and gain public awareness that if you live in or near Parma, Ohio THIS is the place to look if you’ve lost a pet, would like to adopt one, need to find a home for your pet, want to know how to take care of your pet or, if you would like to volunteer, what volunteers DO at Parma Animal Shelter.

Must have a computer and be internet savvy enough to pass the word about our shelter by posting in message groups and maintaining web pages. Must have the TIME to keep postings and/or pages updated WEEKLY.

Humane Education

Volunteers are shelter representatives for off-site education events. Duties include transporting and/or setting up table displays and/or cages to promote adoption of our animals. Handlers must be a regular dog walker or cat specialist.

Junior Volunteer- Age 15 to 17

Junior volunteers assist cat care specialists and can handle non-aggressive cats with waiver permission. They can serve cat treats, wash dishes, wash scoops, provide food and water, clean litter boxes, clean cages and sweep floors. Junior Volunteers can be assigned to do laundry as needed

NOTE:  A parent or guardian must come in and sign the waiver in front of the volunteer before a junior can be allowed to work in the shelter. Parent must provide their phone number on the form.

Pleasant manner, ability to work as a team and follow policies and procedures. Must be reliable and dependable.

Publicity Committee

Coordinator Publicity TV/Radio/Newspaper, External Websites

Promote shelter events by contacting media and website calendars of events to post details on a timetable prior to the date of event.

Able to compose a press release and use a spreadsheet to keep track of postings

Deliver Flyers

For a person who wants to help animals but doesn’t want to WORK WITH animals. The volunteer would deliver flyers advertising our events and ask business owners to post them in their windows. Our flyers can go to the schools in the Parma area, pet stores, vet offices, businesses in Parma, libraries, etc.

Must be able to transport flyers.

Design Flyers

Help make signs and flyers for special events and shelter promotions

Ability to design professional flyers.

Volunteer Coordinator for Companies, Churches, Schools

Another position for a person who wants to help animals but doesn’t want to WORK WITH animals. The coordinator works with organizations, who wish to volunteer at the shelter for a one time occurrence. The coordinator would direct and oversee organization’s volunteers to work on projects which could include stuffing envelopes, washing walls, painting, weed whacking, raking leaves, etc. Schedule is determined by coordinator.

Can Recycling Crew

Move bags of aluminum cans from the public drop-off recycling area against wire fence to inside wooden fenced area securing bags by double knotting as needed. Money is used to help our homeless animals.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

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