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Over the past 8 weeks, Parma Animal Shelter volunteers have been participating in American Kennel Club Good Citizen dog training. This pawsome training is not only helping us become better volunteers, but also helping our pups become more adoptable and giving them more enrichment in their time at PAS. We are so proud to be offering this program! Our volunteers have had nothing but great experiences, class participant Sue Bohanek gives us an inside look:

“I recently had the opportunity to take part in the pilot canine good citizen classes. Doing so afforded me a chance to learn skills helpful in working with 🐶 at the shelter such as leash training and basic commands.

Pat was an outstanding instructor and Doogan was a perfect dog to train with. I realized that hands on training with shelter dogs was more valuable than reading a manual or watching a video.

We were taught by a professional who guided us through the process with clear explanations as we progressed through the various techniques.

I highly recommend this training for all dog volunteers. It is beneficial to human and dog alike as it makes dogs more adoptable and volunteers more consistent in their performance at the shelter.”

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