Learn what to do with your pets while you go on vacation.

Admit it. You may not want to leave your pets while you go on vacation, but it may be better for them for many reasons, from safety concerns (they may get lost) to caring for them while you’re trying to have fun.

For example, if you travel to foreign countries, your furry friends may have to be quarantined for a certain amount of time (countries vary). Do you want this to happen? Could your pets handle this? Could you?

Keep in mind that most pets prefer to stay at home, even though you may think otherwise.

Read on to learn what you can do with your dogs and cats while you go on vacation.

What You Can Do with Your Pets While You Go on Vacation

Hire a Pet Sitter

Regardless of what you believe, most animals would prefer to stay at home. You can hire a pet sitter that’s affiliated with Pet Sitters International, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and other pet sitters’ organizations (check your local area). Make sure the pet sitter is reputable (interview them and ask for references) who’ll take care of your pet and provide them with lots of TLC. Keep in mind that pet sitters vary in price and services. Select one that’s best for you and your dogs and/or cats.

Board Your Dogs or Cats at a Pet Hotel

You can find pet hotels within certain large ‘pet supplies’ stores. Your furry friends are placed in their own space (some even have televisions) and exercised daily. Sound good? Make sure you check out pet hotels. Ask for references and testimonials. Your animals are part of your family and you want them to be safe and secure while you’re on vacation.

Ask Family and Friends to Watch Your Pets

Perhaps your family and friends will be willing to watch your pets. Ask them to come over to your house and take care of your dogs or cats. Or ask them to stay in your home. Your pets may feel more comfortable being surrounded by people they know.

Board Your Dogs or Cats at Your Veterinarian

Who better to watch your pets than your veterinarian? Many vets offer boarding services. If your pets get sick, they’ll be taken care of immediately. Plus, your veterinarian and staff will know your dogs or cats and understand how to handle them.

Are You Ready to Go on Vacation and Leave Your Pets at Home?

Imagine taking a vacation to the Maldives and staying in an over-the-water suite. While you gaze down at the glass floor and watch the marine life swim by, you smile. Why? Because you think of your cats, George and Felix, that would probably get a kick out of seeing the tropical fishes swim below.

All of this was possible because you chose to leave your cats at home.

Although you may miss your pets, they may prefer to be left at home. And while you and your fur kids may suffer from withdrawal, it may be better to leave them at home.

Find and hire a pet sitter and enjoy your vacation — your pets will be fine while you travel through Europe or sit on a beach in the Caribbean.

Bon voyage!

Want more information to learn what you can do if your pets are lost? Get these tips!

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