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6260 State Rd., Parma, OH 44134 | Parma Animal Shelter, 501(c)(3) organization

Ozzie Fund + Sue Fund

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Ozzie Fund

Support the Ozzie Fund and Sue Fund! Your Donations Make All the Difference in the World ozzie203

Ozzie was a gentle, noble, and scruffy-looking terrier mix who liked people and going for walks. However, underneath his fur, Ozzie’s body was covered with lumps. The Parma Animal Shelter paid for surgery so the lumps could be removed from Ozzie’s body. Sadly, the lumps turned out to be cancerous tumors. But there was hope. Ozzie was adopted and everyone at the Parma Animal Shelter was happy he was going to a forever home. Or so we thought. The cancerous tumors returned within a year. As a result, Ozzie’s owner no longer wanted the responsibility of caring for Ozzie. He was once again homeless. The Parma Animal Shelter took Ozzie back into the shelter and made sure he was comfortable during the rest of his days. We provided him with all the love he needed. As he grew weaker, one of our volunteers took Ozzie home with her and cared for him, giving him love, companionship, and comfort until he passed away. Because of the ordeal Ozzie went through, the volunteers at the Parma Animal Shelter DO NOT want one of our shelter animals to endure pain and suffering like Ozzie had experienced. Therefore, in 2005, in memory of Ozzie, the Parma Animal Shelter established the Ozzie Fund. Contributions to the fund are earmarked for EXTRAORDINARY medical expenses like Ozzie’s tumor surgery. We had a dog named Tina who was being treated for heart worm. Tina came to us from Puerto Rico as part of our Save the Satos Project. She was a very sweet dog who was at high risk where she was living. Thanks to contributions to the Ozzie Fund, Tina’s care was taken care of and she was adopted.

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Sue Fund

How to Donate to the Parma Animal Shelter

The Sue Fund was established to help animals with behavior issues get the special assistance or training they need in order to become adoptable. The Parma Animal Shelter works with several trainers and the Animal Behavior Clinic. Sometimes, the animals are treated off-site by trainers. They will stay with them and are placed up for adoption through the trainers when they’re ready. This was case with Boss. His trainer will place him up for adoption in a few weeks. Others are evaluated by trainers and a plan is created for them, which is immediately put into action by assigned volunteers.

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