Fall Festival


Saturday, October 7th



1:00pm to 3:30 pm


Hosted by Bartels Busack Pet Hospital and Spa
6270 State Road, Parma


Devotions  – Air Fresheners, Car Diffusers, Room Spray

The Craft Pond – Handmade Goods

Cynthia Calvillo – Art/Craft Items

Annies Armoire – Bandannas, Catnip Toys, Biscuits, Paw Wax, Snuffle Mats

Valerie Petron, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Ms. Sassy Press

Joyce Factory Direct – Baths, Windows, Sunrooms

The Magician’s Daughter LLD – Crochet Purses, earrings, hats, cat toys, jewelry, suncatchers, cat couches etc.

Marrelli’s Moments – Paparazzi Jewelry

Mark Nicholas


Bartels Busack Pet Hospital Resort & Spa

Center for Animal Rehab and Education