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Could Adopting a Cat Be Easier Than You Think?

Thank you for adopting a cat from the Parma Animal Shelter! Adopting a cat is a major responsibility. It’s no different than having a child. It’s true.  Just like you would for a child, you have to provide a safe, warm and loving environment, medical and tender loving care, and food and water, for your cat. If you’re adopting a cat for the first time or you’re considering adopting a second cat from the Parma Animal Shelter, you may have questions about what to do before and after your bring your furry friend home. Keep reading to learn what to expect when you adopt a cat and bring him or her home. Get and Keep Your House Ready After You’ve Adopted a Cat Whether you have adopted a cat for the first-time or you’re a seasoned pro, there are important factors to consider before and after you bring your cat home, such as: Lock up all medicines and household cleaning agents. Close toilet lids and make sure the fireplace is tightly screened. Secure unscreened windows. Secure screens in other windows. Close all garage and appliance doors. A warm dryer or a car engine may entice cats in search of a warm place to nap. Immediately place opened tin or aluminum cans behind closed doors or in containers with secure lids as they can cut a cat’s tongue if they lick it. Set rodent and ant traps out of a cat’s reach. Clean up easily swallowed small items such as marbles, bits of fabric, small parts from toys, etc. Keep the following plants away because they’re poisonous to cats: Ivy Oleander Philodendron Azalea Dieffenbachi...

Keep Your Pets Safe with These Pet Safety Tips

As a pet owner, you want to do everything you can to keep your pets safe. During the holidays, like the Fourth of July, some cats and dogs may become anxious and nervous. Make sure your pets have a safe place in your home where they can go and hide out until the fireworks stop. Read on to learn about pet safety tips; then share your thoughts in the comments below.

Warning: Adopting a Dog is a Full-Time Commitment (And How to Know if You’re Ready)

Is Adopting a Dog the Right Decision for You? Adopting a dog? It sounds like a good idea, right? But are you ready for the 100% full-time commitment it takes to have a dog? For example, a dog needs to be fed every day. If you’re a super busy person, you may forget to feed the dog. What about taking the dog for a walk? If you have an early or late meeting, you may not be able to walk Max or Bella. Take it from us at the Parma Animal Shelter, adopting a dog shouldn’t be something that’s done on a whim. You want to take time and think about “why” you want to adopt a dog. Read on to discover the nine Ps of adopting a dog, which can help you decide if adopting a dog is the best decision for you. The Nine Pillars of Adopting a Dog Plan — Answer these quick questions to make sure that you have a well-thought out plan before adopting your dog: Are you allowed to have a dog where you live? Do you have a reasonable amount of room for your dog? Do you have enough time (and money) to include a regular routine of feeding, exercising, playing, vet care, bathing/grooming, training AND LOVE? According to a Humane Society article, some of the top ten reasons dogs are turned into shelters like PAS, or returned, include Moving, Landlord not allowing pet, inadequate facilities, pet illness, not having enough time for the pet, cost, too many animals in the household, and owner having personal problems. The last reason on the...