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Parma Animal Shelter’s Angels

Learn about Parma Animal Shelter Volunteers Who Passed Away.

Below is a list of volunteers who passed away. They dedicated their time, efforts, and passion to the shelter and Parma community. We greatly miss them and appreciate the time we had them while they were at the shelter. We know they’re watching over all of our volunteers and animals, guiding the shelter.

In memory of Jerry Smith, PAS president

In memory of Lynne Bacharowski

In memory of Duane Condon

In memory of Denise Ann Kohl

In memory of Laura Fulkerson

In memory of Albert Leachko

In memory of Nancy Pangrac

In memory of Fairfax

In memory of Roger

In memory of Clara Miles

In memory of Millie O’Dea

In memory of Rita Seig

In memory of Ginny Wadsworth

In memory of Hannah Matheny

In memory of Cindy Smith

In memory of Laura “Laurie” Tisdall

In memory of Deb Schuster


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